Bossier Parish Community College
WINTER 2023 Credit Courses Schedule of Classes - Internet

Status CRN Course Sect Title Instructor Course Type Times Location Days
40034 ACCT 205 WT1 Intro Financial Accounting Grant, Daphnee Internet
40002 ART 206 WT1 Introduction to Visual Arts Wagoner, John Internet
40035 BADM 105 WT1 Gen. Business Administration Valcho, George Internet
40036 BADM 108 WT1 Finance Cason, Elisabeth Internet
40037 BADM 201 WT1 Principles of Macroeconomics Manning, Nathaniel Internet
40038 BADM 212 WT1 Principles of Management Turbeville, Rebecca Internet
40039 BADM 213 WT1 Human Resource Management Stevenson, Alana Internet
40040 BADM 215 WT1 Business Law Gaines, Raymond Internet
40015 BLGY 105 WT1 Elements of Biology I Johnson, Roishene Internet
40016 BLGY 106 WT1 Elements of Biology II Hendrix, Natalie Internet
40017 BLGY 110 WT1 Medical Terminology Mullins, Erica Internet
40018 BLGY 110 WT2 Medical Terminology Mullins, Erica Internet
40045 BLGY 230 WT1 Human Anatomy and Physiology I Moran, Douglas Internet
40046 BLGY 230L WT1 Human Anat and Phys I Lab Moran, Douglas Internet
40019 BLGY 231 WT1 Anatomy and Physiology II Fields, Wendy Internet
40020 BLGY 231L WT1 Anatomy and Physiology II Lab Fields, Wendy Internet
40014 CJUS 101 WT1 Intr to Criminal Justice Spratley, Horace Internet
40044 CJUS 294 WT1 Medicolegal Death Investig Simek, Pamela Internet
40041 CTEC 100 WT1 Computer Concepts Driver, Danielle Internet
40042 CTEC 100 WT2 Computer Concepts Hall, Steven Internet
C 40003 ENGL 101 WT1 Composition & Rhetoric I Fontenot, Charles Internet
40048 ENGL 101 WT2 Composition & Rhetoric I Lofton, Jennifer Internet
40004 ENGL 102 WT1 Composition & Rhetoric II Ekstrom, Alexandra Internet
40005 HIST 101 WT1 Western Civilization I Lord, Alana Internet
40006 HIST 201 WT1 American History I Butler, Cynthia Internet
40007 HLPE 221 WT1 First Aid Grisham, Ashley Internet
40030 MATH 012L L01 College Algebra Coreq Lab Densmore, Donna Internet
C 40033 MATH 012L L02 College Algebra Coreq Lab STAFF Internet
40024 MATH 101 WT1 App Alg for Coll Students Igo, Jennifer Internet
40031 MATH 102 L01 College Algebra Densmore, Donna Internet
C 40032 MATH 102 L02 College Algebra STAFF Internet
40025 MATH 102 WT1 College Algebra Hardy, Deanna Internet
C 40026 MATH 102 WT2 College Algebra STAFF Internet
40027 MATH 114 WT1 Finite Math Davidson, Catherine Internet
40043 MATH 124 WT1 Mathematical Concepts Igo, Jennifer Internet
40028 MATH 210 WT1 Basic Statistics Hardy, Deanna Internet
40009 PSYC 201 WT1 Introduction to Psychology Johnson, Karen Internet
40010 PSYC 220 WT1 Developmental Psychology Young, Dawn Internet
40049 PSYC 220 WT2 Developmental Psychology Green, Amber Internet
40029 SCI 101 WT1 Foundations in Science Adams, Jamie Internet
40047 SCI 102 WT1 Foundations in Science II McNamara, Kerry Internet
40011 SLGY 201 WT1 Introduction to Sociology Theus, Sandra Internet
40012 SPCH 115 WT1 Interpersonal Communication Leber, Rona Internet
40013 THTR 101 WT1 Introduction to Theatre Boyter, James Internet